Photo via The Westhollow Society — Facebook

Photo via The Westhollow Society — Facebook

The Westhollow Society, a local nonprofit comprised of architects, urban planners and concerned citizens, hopes to establish a Public Improvement District (PID) in our neighborhood.

According to the City of Dallas, a PID “is a special assessment area created at the request of the property owners in the district. These owners pay a supplemental assessment with their taxes, which the PID uses for services above and beyond existing City services.” (Click here to learn more about PIDs.)

The Westhollow Society will host a public meeting this Thursday to discuss its desire for a PID. The event begins at 6 p.m. inside the Park Forest Library.

Residents of the following enclaves may be particularly interested in attending, since these areas “are encompassed within Westhollow’s mission”:

Park Forest

Royal Hills

Sparkman Club


Royal Oaks

Royal North


Northaven Park

Glen Cove

Highland Meadows

Coral Hills

Webster Grove

Walnut Hills

Royal Haven

Chapel Forest

Chapel Downs

Walnut Meadows

Northway Hills

Midway Hills

Meadow Park