How couples make the most of the neighborhood

The vast majority of Preston Hollow people are married, but keeping connected in this busy world can feel daunting, when it’s harder for a husband and wife to spend time together. Here, local couples with relationship longevity share how they use the neighborhood and joint activities to keep the spark glowing.

Leah and Scott Mann recently basked in a mutual love of the arts during a painting class at the Preston Royal Library. They have been together 24 years and moved to this area several years ago from Bakersfield, Calif. They love Preston Hollow and, being foodies, they especially enjoy trying the new restaurants in our area.

“We also like to occasionally grab our bicycles and ride up to the trails of Brookhaven College and enjoy the outdoors,” says Leah.

When not exploring all Preston Hollow has to offer, they love hopping in the car to see where they end up. When they don’t want to go far, they just like to sit in their own living room and listen to records with a nice glass of wine.

“If I sum up what we like to do together, it’s always something different: eating out, dancing, music, movies, day trips, vacations, you name it,” she says.

Esther and Riqui Villarreal, married six years this June, enjoy having long conversations throughout Preston Hollow and their deepest conversations have taken place at a late-night Starbucks.

“There’s something special about being out on the town at 10 p.m., watching people hustle in and out of the shops, feeling like our city is alive,” says Esther.

The couple also enjoys reading together at Barnes and Noble, and even though they’re not talking, they’re spending time together. Esther thinks it’s important to spend time doing mundane things.

“We love going to the grocery store shopping together at Central Market, grabbing some sushi and eating it out on the patio. We also love riding bikes through the neighborhood and finding a way to get healthy together.”

One of Robin Carafiol’s and Brad Crumpecker’s favorite things to do is stay home on a Friday evening, cook dinner, drink a nice bottle of wine and just hang out together.

“We love to turn on some good music while we cook, then sit down to eat dinner and tune into some of our favorite TV shows or watch a movie,” says Carafiol.

The couple of 13 years also loves Preston Hollow and can often be found exploring the shops and restaurants at Preston Forest and Preston Royal.

“I go to Central Market a couple of times every week and we love Fish City Grill, Neighborhood Services, Woodlands and others. We frequent these restaurants and feel like we’re dining with neighbors, which is a comforting feeling to be with neighbors,” says Carafiol. “The key is to plan to go out and do something—just have fun doing whatever it is and enjoy being together. We take our fun and happiness with us wherever we go.”

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