St. Mark’s School of Texas, class of 1986 (sort of)

What he’s up to now:
Hollywood mischief-maker Owen Wilson’s latest film is “Wonder,” based on the novel about a boy with a facial deformity who starts a new school. It hits the big screen this November.

Three things to know:
1. Wilson actually never graduated from St. Mark’s. He cheated on a math test his sophomore year and was subsequently thrown out of the elite private school. He transferred to Thomas Jefferson High School for a semester before his parents sent him to a military academy as a last resort.

2.  Before Owen Wilson was a sought-after Hollywood actor and Wes Anderson mastered unconventional filmmaking, the two were college roommates. Their friendship started in a playwriting class their sophomore year at the University of Texas at Austin.

3. His mother, Laura Wilson, still lives at a ranch house on Strait Lane, where Wilson grew up with his brothers, Luke and Andrew.

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