In “Sex and the City: The Movie,” fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw asks Big to build her “a really big closet.” Well, these neighbors’ closets are bigger than Big’s. (And shhh! They want to keep them a secret, but we got a peek.)

Designer Kathleen Jacobson spent years as a television journalist and a producer for programs such as Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight and 20/20. Now she creates closets that we can all covet. Founder of The Couture Closet, Jacobson is in demand in Preston Hollow.

Photos courtesy of Couture Closets

“Think about how much money a lot of us spend on clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry,” she says. “We want to showcase those beautiful items.”

Closet type: Shoe Nirvana
Location: Northaven
Cost: $125,000
The details: This neighbor stores 200 pairs of shoes in her closet, which is 30-feet long and 20-feet wide. The racks for the shoes and handbags tilt slightly forward for the optimum display. A large island in the center houses jewelry, which is set off by custom blue velvet inserts. Along the back wall, the floor to ceiling window allows natural light. A recliner allows for soothing shoe sampling.

Photo by Kathy Tran

Closet type: His and Her (But Maybe a Tiny Bit More Her)
Location: Preston Hollow
Cost: $37,000
The details: Love of lighting stands out in this twin closet. Three inset dressers are highlighted by soft toasted browns. Everything matches, from handle hardware to hanger style. What can you do today to improve your closet? Unifying hangers is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to make a closet pop, custom or otherwise, Jacobson says.