It’s all in the numbers.

From crime to real estate, education AND MORE, here’s what the stats say about our neighborhood.

Story by Advocate Staff

Edited by Elissa Chudwin

Illustrations by Ashley Drake

It might be news to some people that Preston Hollow got hit by the blue wave. Our neighborhood voted quite differently in 2018 compared to 2016. Read more about the people of our neighborhood and how we voted here. 

Do you want the good news or the bad news? The bad news is you’re over 800% more likely to have your car broken into compared to 2015. The good news is violent crime is down compared to 2017. We like to end on a high note. Read more here. 

Odds are your home isn’t $39.2 million dollars, but somebody in our neighborhood had that kind of dough to buy a pretty luxurious abode.  Read more on Preston Hollow real estate here. 

Most restaurants in our neighborhood are pretty clean, but most is not all. Find out if your favorite restaurants made the grade and how well they did. See the dirty details here. 

Public versus Private: the ultimate debate among those with school age children. Learn more about our neighborhood schools, private and public, and how many of us actually send our kids to private school. Read more here. 

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