Photography by Danny Fulgencio

Odin, the Marvel character, lost an eye after one of his greatest battles. Odin, the cat, has a similar look, sans battle. The Bengal was born with one eye, a slightly malformed face and partial tail because of inbreeding.

The Normans weren’t planning on adopting a cat. But a SPCA volunteer told them about a one-eyed Odin, and they immediately knew he was the right fit for their family.

“She was walking out and she turns back, said ‘Oh, wait he has one eye, is that okay?’” owner Alyssa Norman says. “My dad and I were like perfect.”

They find it rewarding to own a cat that other potential families might have overlooked because of his appearance.

“Knowing that you’re doing such a small thing makes you happy and is completely making another creature’s life better,” Norman says.

He loves spending his days lying on the back of chairs and even has a leash.

“I was l determined that I was going to get him to try and walk with me,” Norman says.

When they first adopted Odin, he did something Norman calls his “nervous walk,” and their dog terrified him.

“He was a very timid cat when we first got him,” Norman says.

Now, he is comfortable with the family. Odin hangs out with them every night after dinner and occasionally, even sleeps in their dog’s bed.

“Most of the day, he’s very snuggly and calm,” Norman says. “And then there’s about an hour every day where he’s just the most playful little excited dude.”