As an adult, meeting people in a new town can be a challenge. Without that circle of socialization you had when you were a kid, with school or sports or extra-curricular activities, it’s hard to jump right into a group of friends. And being new, that’s when you need a support group the most.


          That’s how Ann Enthoven found herself when she moved to Preston Hollow. Luckily, a friend of her sister-in-law sent her an application for membership to the Preston Royal Women’s Club. Now, three years later, Enthoven is the president of the club.


“It’s a great way for women to meet each other — especially people who live close by. And because it’s not so big, we can get to know people very well, and it makes it easier to get involved in any aspect of the club, whether it’s planning social events or working on the fundraiser or organizing programs,” Enthoven says.


The Preston Royal Women’s Club has about 50 members who mostly live in the Preston Royal area, although Enthoven says anyone is welcome to join. Membership is $30 a year, which covers the cost of the newsletter, and party and event supplies.


“It’s mostly a social group,” Enthoven says. “We only have one fund-raiser a year, and it’s definitely not a group that brings their kids along. It’s all about the women.”


Some of their events include wine tastings, a holiday lunch, the big membership brunch held in September, and everybody’s favorite, the “Road Rally.” This event is held on a Saturday night in January and is basically a big scavenger hunt.


“It’s the only event where the husbands get to participate, so with the men it gets really competitive,” Enthoven says, explaining that after the scavenger hunt, they end up at a neighborhood restaurant to give out prizes.


“It’s so much fun,” she says.


Each year, the group also has an “Absentee Tea” to raise money for the local Fire Station No. 41 at Preston and Royal. Instead of having everybody get together for a big event, they send out a bag of tea with a letter asking for donations.


“It’s so we can raise money without a big to-do,” Enthoven says.


This year, however, the women have decided to take on another cause. While half of their proceeds will benefit the fire station, the other half will go toward Dallas ’ Challenge Air program, a non-profit organization geared toward providing inspirational and motivational experiences for disabled children through aviation.


“It’s really a day of fun for these kids. And we felt like this was a charity that doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but it’s still important,” says member Melanie Bohlman.


In order to raise more money this year, Bohlman has been the ringleader in putting together the first ever Holiday Home Tour in Preston Hollow (see sidebar).


“We are all very excited about starting the first Home Tour in Preston Hollow,” Bohlman says.


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