The new Yogen Fruz at the Preston Forest Shopping Center opened this weekend. I stopped in this afternoon to see how Yogen Fruz stacks up against all the other yogurt shops in our neighborhood.

What sets Yogen Fruz apart from the rest is that here, you can create your own flavor. You pick your base yogurt, add in your favorite fruits, and they blend it into a custom mixture. They recommend you pick two fruits to add in, otherwise the flavor is compromised. I went with the fat-free, sugar-free vanilla mixed with strawberries and bananas. It was creamy, delicious , and didn’t taste like it could be good for me. The woman next to me ordered a blueberry and pineapple combo, which she said was very good, too.

You can add all sorts of toppings to your yogurt, and you can also create your own smoothie if you prefer to drink your yogurt. They don’t have WiFi yet, but they will soon.

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