Artists are beginning to paint murals on all the blank walls and pillars in Valley View Center’s artist commune. Proud that two wings of his mall are 100 percent occupied with artists studios and gallery space, owner Scott Beck decided to let the artists ditch the canvas and go straight for the building.

Artists: Kevin Obergon, Douglas Winters III, DIY, Margo Miller, Todd Bott, Venus Rain, Anna Crowdus, KD Hafley and James Rizzi are working on the murals. Kiki Curry, Gallery at Midtown co-director says they are going for a “mod-fantasy Oz-like feeling to declare the artist commune our territory, and define the space to change the mindset of the viewer toward creativity.”

Curry says they may enlist the help of other artists to work on a 42-foot-long wall, and that this is just the beginning. They hope to have the murals complete by the next Midtown ARTwalk on April 20.

Douglas E Winters III in front of SkyPony Studio

Douglas E Winters III in front of SkyPony Studio


The beginning of the large mural