Couple accused of scamming a local women caught on video

Couple accused of scamming a local women caught on video

Police are looking for a couple who scammed a 65-year-old woman, somehow conning her into taking them shopping at NorthPark Center.

Police say the younger couple shown in the video below convinced Virginia Rodriguez, 65, that she could share in the winnings of an $11 million lottery.

When they told her to provide $35,000 in order to receive her share (the reasons they gave her for this requirement are not detailed in the police statement), she reportedly told them she did not have that much. So the suspects told her she could use credit to acquire the necessary amount in assets.

That is how the trio wound up at NorthPark and the Louis Vuitton store and Ben Bridge Jewelers, where collectively Rodriguez shopped for the couple to the tune of $10,000.

The circumstances surrounding Rodriguez’ credulity are unclear, but the images of the suspected scammers are not.

Anyone who recognizes them should contact Detective Cervantes at the Dallas Police Department’s Property Crimes: 214.671.3544.

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