George Tobolowsky wasn’t always a sculptor. The Hillcrest High School alumnus received his law degree from SMU in 1974 and worked as a businessman and legal professional for decades. But about ten years ago, his artistic impulse became too intense to ignore.

In that short time frame he’s produced more than 425 sculptures and exhibited his work in places like Switzerland, New York and India. The Library of Congress has a piece of his in its permanent collection, as do The Museum of Biblical Arts and the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum in San Antonio — the list goes on.

Soon, Hillcrest High School (HHS) will also own a Tobolowsky. On October 17, during the HHS Almuni Open House at 9:30 a.m., the artist will gift an original sculpture to his alma mater. The artwork will stand on Aberdeen Avenue, just outside the school’s library. Tobolowsky graduated from Hillcrest in the 1960s, so he’s dedicating the piece to the classes of that decade. We don’t have photos of the sculpture yet, but you can get a taste of the artist’s style by perusing the gallery above. All photos via


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