We broke our neighborhood down to its most simplistic terms: How many we are, by sex and race, our collective education level, our household income and other data drawn from Census data (2010 being the most recent year available) and the American Community Study of 2015. To find these numbers, we pulled from the five zip codes to which the Preston Hollow/North Dallas Advocate covers: 75220, 75225, 75229 and 75230.

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121,288 total population 49.7% female 50.3% male Life expectancy male 75.7 years female 81.4 years


Racial mix in Preston Hollow versus city of dallas; 34,446 are foreign-born

Preston Hollow by age: 0-19=28.1%; 20-39=24.5%; 40-59=27.7%; 60-79=14.1%; 80+=5.2%

39.2 median age

highest Education level of Preston Hollow population for those age 25 and up. First number is Men. Second number is Women Less than 9th grade 15.1% 11.7% Some high school 6.7% 7.1% High school graduate 9.1% 13.8% Some college 15.6% 23.4% Bachelor’s degree 28.2% 29.3% Graduate/ 20.9% 12.2% professional degree Doctorate 2.2% 1%

Median household income of Preston Hollow by zip code 75220=$39,863; 75225=$151,967; 75229=$78,806; 75230=$69,893

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