The Olla Podrida arts and crafts mall was reportedly home to several friendly ghosts. from the collections of the Texas/Dallas history and Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Hillcrest Forest resident Megan Benanti seems to live an ordinary life, with two sons, a husband and a meticulously landscaped yard. She also has a sixth sense that allows her to communicate with parts of the universe humans overlook, she says.

She’s a tarot card reader known as Nattacia Zeviar. When the Advocate interviewed her in 2011, she conducted readings from her home.

“There are other things that live in this world,” Benanti said. “There’s an entire universe that we don’t see.”

Benanti isn’t the only neighbor who believes in the supernatural. Read “The dark shadows of Preston Hollow” to learn more about the phantoms of Preston Road, the friendly spirits of Olla Podrida or the ghost of Vick Clesi’s mother.

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