Preston Center: Photo by Fernando Rojas

The Dallas Morning News recently wrote an editorial about the parking situation at Preston Center.

“Not just any parking garage, but a parking garage that, in itself, symbolizes a suburban past that the corner of Northwest Highway and Preston Road should have left behind long ago,” it reads. “Instead, because of a strange arrangement between the city and myriad stakeholders/investors/owners who control Preston Center, we have had stagnation that has stymied the potential to transform not just Preston Center but the larger Northwest Highway corridor into a truly urban part of Dallas, with all of the benefits that suggests: increased residential density, walkability, true transportation options and a boost to the tax base that could benefit all of us.”

Well now, let me translate this into conversational wording without so many commas and clauses. I just want to be able to find a parking space to get my hair cut, send my son to the orthodontist, get a burger or bagel and attend an occasional 12-step meeting. All of which, is stunningly difficult when it comes to parking.

We recently measured the size of parking spaces in Preston Hollow, including at Preston Center.

What are your parking strategies for the Preston Center area?

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