Neighbors helped Ross Musso. Photography courtesy of Nancy Latner and John McLellan.

Like many neighbors, Nancy Latner frequently drove by the house at the corner of Tibbs and Royal. One day, she decided to stop and meet the owner, 85-year-old Ross Musso. She found out that he has lived alone for many years since both his sisters died. Three dogs are his companions.

Latner discovered that his monthly social security check does not cover his living expenses. A neighbor who prefers to remain anonymous has helped him financially over the last five years and he’s been able to stay in his home. On weekdays, Meals On Wheels delivers a warm lunch and provides dog food.

Over the holidays, Latner invited neighbors on NextDoor to send him a Christmas card with a small donation or stop by and say hello. On Christmas morning, Latner and her husband, John McLellan, brought him a huge Santa bag filled with goodies, toiletries and a card with cash. Many stopped to visit him. As a result, Mr. Musso has received new smoke detectors, a sofa and beds, dog beds, pet check-ups and shots, monthly landscaping services, floor cleaning and casseroles.

However, Mr. Musso still needs help paying for eyeglasses, hearing aids, food, electricity, water, plumbing repairs, property taxes, insurance, a microwave oven and ongoing pet medical bills.

If you’d like to help, please write a check, payable to Mr. Ross Musso, and mail it to Nancy Latner, 6223 Meadow Rd., Dallas, TX 75230. Latner encourages folks to visit him or send a Valentine’s card. His address is 6336 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75230.

“His smile will warm your heart,” she says. “These small acts of kindness mean so much to an elderly person living alone on a tiny budget.”

Nancy Latner delivered neighbors’ donations and cards to Ross Musso on Christmas Day.

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