This past Thursday, a lawsuit was filed against Jason Baldwin, former Hockaday School employee who was arrested after admitting that he paid for child pornography

Reported by the Dallas Morning News, the lawsuit alleges that Baldwin, who is 29, broke a 3-year-old girl’s arm on the playground, and after she told her mother, he retaliated. It also alleges that the Hockaday School dismissed mother and former Hockaday School employee Tracy Walder’s claims of abuse. The Hockaday School is disputing the claims.

In a statement, the Hockaday School stated that it “takes very seriously any allegation of harm to a child” but that the lawsuit “contains misstatements and accusations that have already been investigated and found unsubstantiated, by government agencies and in Hockaday’s investigation processes.”

The Hockaday School has also repeatedly stated that Baldwin never directly hurt any of the children, and they stand by that claim, stating that they have done everything to ensure that all of their students are safe.

“The safety of our children remains Hockaday’s most fundamental duty and value. Since learning of the prosecution of Jason Baldwin, Hockaday has undertaken a comprehensive audit, conducted by external experts, of all relevant policies and practices, from hiring protocols to the security of its facilities. Hockaday will continue to take every step at its disposal to protect the safety and wellbeing of its students,” the school said in the same statement.

However, Walder believes that Baldwin caused a significant amount of stress on her daughter, with the lawsuit stating,“In effect, Hockaday created a toxic and unsafe environment that sacrificed student safety in order to keep up Hockaday’s appearances.”

Walder’s daughter, who is named S.W. in the lawsuit, allegedly still suffers from pain in her arm, and she needs counseling for the emotional trauma caused. The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages for “physical pain and suffering” along with unspecified damages for “mental anguish and emotional distress.”

Baldwin’s trail for the child pornography case is set for January 11.

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