Public Taco. Photography by Kathy Tran.

Public Taco is persistent if nothing else.

It has reopened in Preston Royal after a series of unfortunate events. The 2019 tornado destroyed the place before it opened. Then the restaurant shut down in February 2020 when co-owners Joon Choe and Mohammad Qasim decided to close their doors to protect their employees and families.

They reopened in June 2020 and were on a roll until February’s snowstorm. The restaurant itself wasn’t damaged significantly, but neighbors weren’t eating out as much.

Now the taco place has been open for over a month. It’s offering a new, smaller menu that’s filled with all sorts of tacos: carne asada, suadero, al pastor, pollo and camaron, to name a few.

There’s also margaritas, beer and chips with dips to pair with them.

Public Taco, 5959 Royal Lane, 214-434-1569.