Shane Adams, Chief Executive Officer for Maverick Fitness

Shane Adams, Chief Executive Officer of Maverick Fitness Holdings

Kimberly Wesolowski fell in love with Orangetheory Fitness in Arizona. When she moved to Dallas in 2013, she contacted the owner — and the rest is history. 

During the past seven years, Orangetheory has expanded to 34 studios in the Metroplex. Wesolowski, chief operating officer for Maverick Fitness Holdings, has worked out at Orangetheory during three pregnancies over those same seven years. 

“I’ve done the workout throughout my pregnancies, and it’s helped me bounce back afterwards. I’ve definitely been a part of our story through all the different phases,” Wesolowski says. 

“But it just shows that you can do the workout no matter what phase you’re in. Whether you’re nine months pregnant or you’re recovering after a baby, you can design the template so that it fits your needs.”

A boutique studio, Orangetheory is scienced-backed, technology-tracked and coach-inspired, Wesolowski says. Members wear heart-monitors to watch how their body reacts — a color code system of blue, green, orange and red shows their current intensity. 

“For anyone, starting at square one is extremely nerve-wracking. Especially if you haven’t been in the fitness environment for a long time,” Wesolowski says.

That’s why newcomers are encouraged to arrive early for the first visit. Each workout consists of strength, cardio and rowing. A coach will modify the workout templates to match your needs. If you can’t run because of knee problems, our certified personal trainers can offer alternative equipment such as a bike or strider. 

“The hardest part of doing Orangetheory is just showing up, because we take it from there,” Wesolowski says. “Once you walk through the door, you don’t have to think about what you’re going to do that day.”

Workout templates are developed by a board of fitness professionals. No matter which studio you walk into, the workout is going to be the same across the globe. Workouts change every week, and except for throwback workouts, you’re never doing the same thing twice. 

“It’s all about being efficient during your workout. If you’re doing it the right way, the way that the template was designed, it does allow you to burn calories longer, which is how people typically see faster results,” she says.

Orangetheory is not just about weight loss. It’s not just about clothes fitting better. It’s about being able to get off blood pressure medication or even just being able to play with your kids differently.

“To me, that is what speaks to the brand,” Wesolowski says. “At the end of the day, it’s more about that quality of life that you’re getting by putting in that one-hour workout.”

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