Ann S. Adams doesn’t have to look very far to find artistic inspiration. In fact, she need not look any farther than her own back yard. “My garden is my inspiration,” she says, “but art is my passion.” By combining both of these with “a tremendous love of color,” Adams is able to create an array of artistic expressions, including pastels, digital photography and ultra chrome ink pieces. And although Mother Nature inspires most of her work, her art continually changes because she works with mixed media. Adams says she developed her artistic drive early in life, and in spite of earning a bachelor’s degree in art, she wasn’t able to fully devote herself to the vocation until about five years ago. Today, she typically spends four to eight hours a day working on her art inside her Preston Hollow home studio. Having art in her life, she says, helps her maintain clarity and balance, and ultimately, she hopes her work “will also help someone else find balance too.” To learn more about Adams’ art, you can visit or reach her at 214.368.3345.

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