Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve familiar with the Nintendo Wii. And if you’ve played any videogames on the system, then you know what a Mii is (that’s a character you create, for those of you who haven’t played.)
Most players try to create a Mii character that looks just like them. Some have a pretty close resemblance, others not so much. In fact, I’ve often thought the Mii creation process in an interesting commentary on the whole human psyche because you’re building a character based on how you see yourself. But enough with the video game psychology.
Mii creation is now becoming a niche art form. Some avid gamers out there have perfected the art of making a Mii that looks just like you. You simply send the Mii artist a photograph of yourself—along with about $7 typically—and the artist sends back your very own custom Mii. Some of the work is pretty impressive. And if you want a few tips on how to create your own Mii masterpiece, there’re plenty of helpful websites out there. Happy gaming everyone.

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