One our Advocate interns came into my office today to tell me about a great makeup deal her aunt had told her about. She’d heard that Nordstrom had just bought the E.L.F. cosmetic line and therefore, all the online inventory was selling for about $1.
Curious and always appreciative of a good deal, I checked it out for myself.
It turns out the $1 bit is true. Almost all the E.L.F. (stands for: eyes, lips, face) makeup, tools, and accessories on this Web site are about a $1 (or $3 to $5 on the high end).
What’s not true, however, is the bit about Nordstorm buying this cosmetic line. I checked the department store’s Web site and it states that the store is in no way affiliated with the line.
It seems the rumor has spread nationwide though. An ABC news affiliate in Cincinnati recently reported locals there had been hearing the same Nordstrom story. The station did some digging and found out that E.L.F. has always ran the same prices.
That said, the rumor doesn’t necessarily discredit the cosmetic line or its prices. Several reputable beauty magazines (like Allure, Glamour, In Style and Marie Claire) have sang the products’ praises.
I couldn’t resist ordering a couple of items for myself. At just $1 a piece, I figured it wasn’t too big of an investment. I’ll follow up with another blog and let you know if the products are really a bargain or not.

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