I stopped into Gooey’s at the Preston Forest Shopping Center today for a cup of my favorite frozen yogurt. Not only was I pleased to find they’ve updated their menu for summer (lots of seasonal fruit flavors, like peach and strawberry) but they’ve also added a couple of good deals.

For about $3, you can now get the “lunch special”: a large cup of yogurt with your favorite topping mixed in. I went with an almond and chocolate combo, mixed with fresh strawberries—perfect for a scorcher like today, and surprisingly filling.

For another buck, you can also get the “dinner special”: a bigger version of the lunch special, with more toppings.

I also spotted a couple people buying gallons of the frozen yogurt to-go so they can store it at home, or in their office break room refrigerators—not a bad idea if you’re an avid icy treat fan.

If you’re unfamiliar with Gooey’s, you’re missing out. Not only does this stuff taste delicious, but it’s also fat free, sugar free, lactose free, and kosher. It’s quite possibly the only place in Dallas where an overweight, diabetic, lactose-intolerant Orthodox Jew could go eat and order anything on the menu without thinking twice. Seriously, how many places can boast that?

Read about Gooey’s frozen yogurt in Advocate (we featured them a few summers ago in case you missed it)—or better yet, watch our video of how the yummy yogurt is made

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