Everyone knows at least a couple of songs by The Four Seasons. And that’s what makes Dallas Summer Musicals’ latest show so much fun: You already know the score before you even step into the theater. And it’s an incredible score, filled with hits that span the group’s career.

The book of Jersey Boys may be just as entertaining, however. It’s the back story of the four men who made up the original group, both how they came together and their rise to fame. Pay close attention to the title, however: These are Italian guys from the old neighborhood in Jersey, and the script’s language reflects their background. Think "The Sopranos" or "The Godfather". In other words, it’s probably not a musical for the kids.

I went home after the musical to look up CDs of the music, both the soundtrack for the musical and any other albums by The Four Seasons. I ended up disappointed. The recorded music didn’t match what I remembered from the show. I found myself longing to find an album that somehow captured the explosive sound and mesmerizing harmony created by the actors on stage, but even with all of the advances in modern technology, it doesn’t exist.

That, however, is why we go to the theater.

The show runs through Aug. 13 at Fair Park’s Music Hall. When I attended Friday night, the place looked sold out, so I would suggest buying tickets as soon as possible.

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