The city is making some drastic cuts in departments to deal with the looming budget deficit that Jeff has been writing about regularly here at Back Talk.

The DMN reports that "tens of millions" have been slashed from the budget, and "sales tax revenues alone are projected to be $20.3 million less than budgeted, the memo said. The city also will earn $2.8 million less than projected in interest. Other major revenue sources projected to be below budget are Ad Valorem Tax revenues, Municipal Court fines, Red Light Camera fines, Private Disposal fees, revenue from re-sale of recyclable paper and cardboard, and sale of surplus property."

Among the cuts so far: Street Services (potholes and street repairs), about $4 million from its $38.5 million budget; Sanitation Services, $3 million from a $79 million budget; and the police department, $3 million from a $424 million budget (achieved because the city only hired 203 of the 225 budgeted officers for this year).

The good news: Because fuel costs have fallen, the city believes it will save nearly $12.6 million, the DMN article says.

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