We’ll have analysis of Saturday’s hotel referendum vote and city council races on Monday. If you want up-to-the minute results on Saturday, go to the source: The Dallas County Elections department. Results will be posted as they are entered into the department’s computer system.

This was an odd, nasty, and quite post-modern campaign. More, after the jump:

• Does the tenor of the various campaigns – the literal mudslinging, if one TV commercial is to be believed – point to some kind of sour mood that we’re in here in Dallas? Perhaps. It seems as if this stuff has been going on forever, and most of us are tired of it. I do know that political posts, which are usually some of our best read, haven’t been during this campaign.

• Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper didn’t do a hotel poll, just as it didn’t a Trinity toll road poll 18 months ago. Note to management at The News: If you’re going to abdicate your responsibility to the community by not doing a poll, then don’t ask the federal government for a handout.

• Did you get an email about the campaign? Were you browsing a non-local web site when an ad for one of the Dallas issues popped up? Did you notice more comments on blogs that seemed more partisan? These are all part of post-modern, 21st century campaigns, and we’re going to see more of each. My favorite? The blog comments, in which campaigns assign people to watch blogs so they can refute the other side, get in a few good licks, and the like. We’ve even had some here (and do I flatter myself that I have someone following some of my posts?).

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