Driving without mirrors is tough, and his were gone.

The Victim: Chip Brosseau
The Crime: Auto accessory theft
Date: Thursday, June 17
Time: Between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.
Location: 8500 block of Baltimore

Chip Brosseau woke up, went through his morning routine, and headed out the door to his 1997 GMC Sierra. The crime was immediately evident — the driver side and passenger side mirrors were both gone. It was a frustrating way to start his day.

This was not the first time Brosseau had been the victim of a crime at his Preston Hollow South home.

“A previous car had a crow bar stuck through the door handle,” he says. “I have also had a bicycle and lawn equipment stolen.”

In the two weeks following, several other residents were the victims of auto accessory thefts, especially high-end sports utility vehicles. Thieves made off with mirrors, air bags, engine parts, steering wheels, and tires and rims.

Finding replacement mirrors for Brosseau’s Sierra also proved to be quite frustrating — and expensive.

“I went to eight or 10 salvage yards in Grand Prairie. No one carried the part, and some even laughed,” he says. “They told me that GM has reduced the number of parts that they produce, and it has created a demand on the black market. If you can find the mirrors they are well over $500 a piece new, not including labor.”

Police told Brosseau that the crooks are particular in looking for parts they can resell.

“The thieves ride bicycles and look in cars,” he says. “They pull up in non-descript vans and scope out the cars and parts they want to take. If someone walks by before they are able to make their score, they simply drive off.”

Dallas Police Lt. Barry Payne of the North Central Patrol Division confirms there is indeed a lucrative black market in stolen auto parts, and that Preston Hollow has seen a recent increase in this type of crime.

“It just ebbs and flows like most others. Preston Hollow has experienced some increase of late in these vehicle crimes, and the North Central Police Division is increasing its patrols and surveillance in the area,” Payne says. “Thieves often target auto parts to sell to garages and individuals who repair cars that have had such parts stolen or damaged. The best advice is to park your car in your garage or in safe, well-lit places.”

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972.559.5000: Number to call if you have any information regarding these incidents

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