The dog was fed, but the home was trashed.

The Victim: Cynthia MacLennan
The Crime: Burglary
Date: Wednesday, July 21
Time: Between 7 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.
Location: 5800 block of Harvest Hill

It was just after sunset when Cynthia MacLennan returned home. Her poodle that patrols her home had been a bit sick of late. A friend had come by to check on the pooch, so at first she didn’t think anything of her bedroom light being left on. She hopped out of the car and walked a couple doors down to visit a friend for a few minutes.

When she returned to her house, MacLennan was shocked at what she found inside.

“The door was wide open,” she says. “The kitchen cupboard and drawers were all wide open. My bedroom was trashed.”

Frightened by the scene, she quickly grabbed her phone and called for help.

“I picked up my dog and went in my bedroom and dialed 911,” MacLennan says. “The police were here so quickly.”

Among the items stolen were jewelry passed down from her mother, a brand new laptop computer, tools, cash and even a pair of her glasses. Fortunately, she had all her computer files on a flash drive.

“I was frightened and angry, and I’m still angry,” she says. “It’s just such a violation.”

Strangely, the burglar filled her dog’s bowl with food. And despite many things being stolen, some electronics were left behind. She believes the burglars may have actually been in her home when she drove up.

“The policeman who came said since they left the flat screen TV, they probably were spooked,” MacLennan says. “It was my driving up that spooked them. I am so grateful I didn’t walk in and get hurt. I’m OK, and my dog’s OK.”

Since the burglary, MacLennan has added a security system for more protection.

Dallas Police Lt. Barry Payne of the North Central Patrol Division says the burglars probably fed the dog to stop it from barking, and may have either been disturbed while stealing, or simply ran out of room for transport.

“It is possible that the burglars were scared off, but there was a lot of property taken and it appears that the suspects may have spent a good amount of time inside,” he says. “Usually if burglars spends a good amount of time inside and they are intending to take something, they move it near the door or unhook it to facilitate taking it. The property may have been too big or too much to carry, but that is purely speculation.”

If a resident returns home and believes someone is in their home, Payne recommends staying outside in a safe place and calling 911.

“They should not risk their lives by trying to enter and confront a suspect.”


Date when a robber held a gold pistol to a man’s head at Fireside Pies at Lovers and Inwood, demanding the man hand over his wallet


Total cost of valuables the robber stole, including $200 in cash, a $689.21 company check and a $10 wallet


Dallas police number to call with any information regarding the crime

Source: Dallas Police Department

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