The Marsh Middle School Leadership Cadet Corps, part of the school’s  JROTC, got a special visit this morning from two Medal of Honor recipients who spoke about their experiences in the Vietnam War. John Baker and Brian Thacker shared their stories and answered questions from cadets.

Last year, Advocate highlighted these dedicated students and the influential program after which 12 percent of students go on the join the military, and about 85 percent continue their education after graduating high school. They’ve even won national titles.

Instructor David Bates says they’re “gettin’ it done in Dallas public schools.”

Those kids are pretty sharp. Whenever a visitor entered the room, they all stood at attention and two cadets escorted them to their destination. Pretty impressive. And ask them any question about the corps, and their faces light up as they explain their daily regimen.

The Cadet Corps receives no funding from DISD, except a paid instructor, and everything you see from those students comes from fundraising. You can help them out by eating at Chick-fil-A at Forest and Inwood today only, and 25 percent of the meal benefits the program.