If neighbors weren’t paying attention to the massive LBJ reconstruction project before, they certainly are now. Trees are coming down all along the corridor to make way for utilities.

“This is happening. The coming down of trees signifies the beginning,” says Andy Rittler of LBJ Infrastructure, the company overseeing the project.

The project is in the tree removal stage until early March, and the evidence can be seen, particularly on the stretch between Preston and Hillcrest. We’ve been covering the story here on the blog and recently conducted a podcast with Rittler who commented about the impending tree removals. You can listen to it here.

“Drivers will certainly notice a difference, and the tree and brush removal will show how this project will expand the actual pavement,” Rittler says.

He assures that his team is not allowed to go into the neighborhoods – whether for tree removals or any other part of the construction process. You’ll see the effects mostly on frontage roads.

Despite efforts to keep an open dialogue with residents, offering several ways to stay updated on the progress, Rittler says the concern over tree removal has attracted more attention to the project that will transform the freeway as we know it. For details on the project, see my previous post or visit lbjexpress.com. There, you can see specific dates and times of lane closure, which also indicates where we’ll see more trees come out.

“There’s really nothing we can do about it,” Rittler says, “because we have to have those gas lines, electrical lines and water lines.”

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