01.PH_3_14smBy now, you’ve probably received your copy of our March issue (open the digital edition here). But if you haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, here are a few reasons why you should. A glance at some quote-worthy lines from the stories within:

“Let’s just say — all told — about a third of my life was spent in prison.” —Holly Hunter, a local resident and former Hockaday student (she got kicked out) whose life story resembles that of the lead character in the popular Netflix drama, “Orange is the New Black.” From the March cover story: Better than fiction: Neighbors whose life story could be a movie 

“I was hospitalized and almost killed. I learned that if we can overcome and survive, we should do something with our life.” —LeeAnn Locken, the Preston Hollow resident and local TV actress who endured traumatic abuse as a child and then again as an adult; she now dedicates her life to inspiring others. From: Raising her voice: How a Preston Hollow actress is making a difference off screen

“The Juice Bar uses centrifugal juicers to make smoothies and what’s called “creative juices,” and cold-press juicers to make bottled smoothies — both of which pack quite a nutritional wallop.” —Advocate contributor Whitney Thompson writes in this month’s Delicious feature, which highlights juice bars in Preston Hollow. From: Delicious: Healthy drinks at The Juice Bar

“We find the wilderness journey of the present uncomfortable and the road ahead unclear. Because of the uncertainty, we yearn (once again) to return to a known misery, rather than an unknown future.” —Our worship columnist the Rev. Blair Monie in his latest piece. From: Find peace on the road ahead, not the predictable past

“You can argue that hard work or a superior education or simple fate are the harbingers of blessings, and that those elements determine the level of our thanks by dividing the winners from the losers. Or you can wonder at the thin, thin line between success and failure while giving thought to the eerie cries of those less fortunate, many of whom aren’t drugged-up losers or lazy SOBs.” —Advocate publisher Rick Wamre in his opening remarks. From: The tenuous line between winning and losin

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