Earlier this month, we mined the Twitter account of Councilwoman Jennifer Stauchbach Gates for treasure. It was enlightening – we discovered she loves Bluebell, fashion and Lyle Lovett. Today, let’s see what Councilman Lee Kleinman is about. Here are six things we learned by following the District 11 representative on social media.

1. He has some culinary misadventures. 

Kleinman posted a photo on March 24 of this cooking disaster.

2. Like Councilwoman Gates, he was trapped in that dull, day-long meeting June 17

Kleinman coped by Tweeting this graphic.

He also shared this humorous post by Dallas Morning news writer Brandon Formby.

3. He is a world traveler.

Kleinman spent the council recess in Mongolia. Here’s what he tweeted about the trip.

4. He’s a pretty decent nature photographer.

While strolling Northaven Trail, Kleinman often pauses to snap pictures. Here are some wildflowers he admired May 31.

5. He takes the occasional selfie.

For evidence, see this Tweet from May 29.

6. He gets a bit nostalgic.

On February 6, the council member posted a picture of himself as an undergrad with the caption “Oh, those college years…”