On September 20, Gerardo Ramirez consumed drugs, told his girlfriend he wanted to die and began firing bullets on Stone Canyon Road. When police arrived at the scene, he engaged them in a shootout. “After a few moments,” Naomi Martin reports, “Ramirez lay on the pavement.” He was pronounced dead later that evening.

Those pesky Preston Hollow potholes may soon be patched. (Try saying that three times fast.) The Dallas City Council just approved its upcoming fiscal year budget of $3.1 billion and $24 million was allocated for street maintenance. Despite Councilman Lee Kleinman’s best efforts, property taxes will remain the same. The Dallas Morning News has more.

Speaking of Councilman Kleinman, D Magazine says he recently voted against a new ordinance “designed to help prevent the midnight demolition of the city’s historic buildings.” Why? He doesn’t think it will be effective. For the full scoop click here.