Do you know what the flag of Dallas looks like? You don’t see much of it. Someone, somewhere is quite possibly sporting a city of Dallas logo ball cap (though the city is considering a redesign of that). But the Dallas flag? Not so much. Here it is, FYI.

Dallas flag

Dallas flag


Dallas flag through the 1960s

Dallas flag through the 1960s

A group a Dallasites — small, but growing by the tens practically daily — have launched an effort to redesign the Dallas flag. In fact they already have a proposal. It’s this:


“Respectfully and earnestly, we request Council Members of the City of Dallas to gracefully retire the current flag and recognize and adopt the above flag as the official Flag of the City of Dallas.” That’s from an online petition that currently has about 150 signatures.

The organizer, Dallas May, a resident of the East Dallas area, says he’d like to have 1,000 signatures, in order to gain some traction, though he understands these online petitions are essentially meaningless when it comes to any sort of actual policy.

“There is no magic number. It’s just to draw attention really. I’m mostly building a coalition right now. Of course, the more signatures, the more attention, and the more attention from the press the more signatures. I would like to have 1,000 signatures, but that’s probably overly optimistic. Of course it’s easier to get people riled up against something rather than for something.”

This isn’t really about a flag design, May says.”Right now, more than anything else Dallas needs a win. And this is an easy win. I really believe that if we can be successful with this — and success is ultimately not just city council action, but being embraced by the citizens and businesses — Dallas can be just a little bit of a better city.”

The end goal, he says, is to have bars and restaurants and banks and classrooms display the flag, across the county.

How realistic is this end? May says he thinks he has at least two city council members willing to look into it.

And he has seen some initial enthusiasm.

Dallas Morning News staff writer Joy Tipping tweeted that she “LOVES” the idea.

“I’m signing because I remember seeing the Pegusus for years and think the new design including the blue line representing the Trinity are genius,” writes Dallas resident David Naber on the petition.

But one critic, Clayton Henry, who also happened to be District 10 councilman Adam McGough’s (also former Mayoral Chief of Staff) campaign manager, wrote on Facebook that it’s not the time to push a new flag design. “Nice idea, bad timing. With potholes unfilled and and a major loose dog problem, you want to spend city funds on a new flag. Nope.”

May responds that “with a unifying flag we might just start thinking in terms of being a city instead of an assortment of sub-divisions that constantly fight with each other for this scrap or that scrap from city hall. Together we might be able to solve some of the big problems you bring up.”

Keep up with the effort on Facebook at Facebook/yourdallasflag.

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