Nearly five months after prominent Dallas attorney Ira Tobolowsky was murdered, the Dallas Police Department released three search warrants from its investigation to its website.

The first search warrant and affidavit, posted online Wednesday, is dated May 25. Police requested to search a second-floor, red brick apartment for combustible liquids, electronic devices, clothing, blood and other items they thought might be evidence from the crime scene. According to the search warrant, police hoped to locate “tools or drills and drill bits that could be used to drill a hole in a wood fence.”

A substantial amount of information was omitted before the warrant was released. But the document does say detectives received information that holes were being drilled in Tobolowsky’s fence, so that someone could observe when he entered and left without being seen.

In a Dallas Police Department return and inventory dated June 7, items confiscated from a storage closet are listed. They include tools, a propane tank, soder, pipe, empty clear plastic bottle and more.

The second search warrant is dated May 18, and the third search warrant is dated May 25.

Police requested to search a first-floor apartment and a second-floor apartment for tools and electronic items, as well as medical items that treat burns or injuries, receipts for purchases that match crime scene evidence and ignitable liquids.

The third affidavit also stated that Tobowlowsky “felt threatened” because of a lawsuit he previously won. Police believe he was set on fire, and whoever murdered him had been hiding from the public.

A suspect was interviewed and photographed, and items, such as a propane tank and two cans of primer, were taken from a garage.

The Advocate will update this story when more information becomes available.

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