Preston Hollow residents Lisa and Tony Palmer are surfing the market with a new mineral sunscreen company TropicSport. Now in addition to riding a wave of press coverage, the couple has the law on their side. Hawaii’s governor recently signed a law banning the distribution and sale of chemical-based sunscreens. The bill, which goes into effect in 2021, is meant to protect coral reefs and marine life believed to be harmed by chemicals found in some commercial sunscreens. The Palmers began selling their mineral product in December. Tony works as president of global brands and innovation at Kimberly-Clark, according to The Dallas Morning News, and Lisa runs the day-to-day business at TropicSport in addition to raising the couple’s 15-year-old twins. The sunscreen has been tested by surfers and extreme athletes, as noted on Facebook. Lisa says their product “smells like vacation.”