District 13 Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach Gates. Photo by Chris Arrant

Jennifer Staubach Gates, District 13 council member, and the ever vigilant Melshire Homeowners Association sent updates on the status of Preston Royal Library, Site 5639, on Forest Lane. As you may remember, the land was purchased but the building of the library was not funded and the land has sat languishing. Recently, a group proposed building a temporary dog park until this could be resolved. But neighbors met at a community forum and the idea of the dog park was squashed.

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Gates sent out a recent emailing updating the status and the process going forward. Here’s what she wrote:
  1. An appraisal was ordered and is due August 13, 2018
  2. City routing process is in progress to assure no further public need by any City departments. If a purpose is determined, that department would have to purchase the property from the library department.
  3. Auctioneer contract is out for BID and hopefully the contract will be rewarded on the August 22 City Council Agenda.
  4. A council committee either Government Performance Financial Management or Quality of Life will be briefed to recommend the property be declared “surplus” and recommend a reserve amount. This is currently scheduled in late August or September.
  5. Council will be presented an item to declare the property “surplus” and call for the auction of the property with a reserve at a September or October agenda meeting.
  6. The process requires sale of the property as zoned and platted. The parcel is zoned R-16 (A), which requires a minimum lot area for residential use is 16,000 square feet with a church as a permitted use. (See the attached survey  and code description). The property is currently platted as one tract due to a replat that occurred in 1993 for church use. The property could be re-platted to individual single family lots meeting the zoning if the buyer intends to build single family homes verses a church use. Re-platting requires a City process.
  7. The property will be auctioned and as long as it sells for the reserve (minimum price not released publicly) or over the reserve. The proceeds will be directed to the Library Department to begin the design and construction process for the remodel of the Preston/Royal Library.

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