Mark Cuban’s Twitter account is abuzz about Alan Henry, the kid who messaged him asking for money for Fortnite because his Dad wouldn’t give it to him. Cuban posted a screenshot of the conversation with one grave error – the name of the user, @alanmhenry, is still visible despite his efforts to blur it out.

You have to admire the kid’s ingenuity. When you look at Henry’s page, it appears as if he made an account specifically to message Cuban.

Then the story gets even weirder – a fake account, @alanmhenry_, tried to impersonate the original Alan Henry. He even asked Cuban if he could come on Shark Tank to pitch his $10 idea to the Sharks. The imposter receiver a few replies and one kind stranger offered to pay him the $10.

Alas, it seems the kind stranger didn’t make good on his offer because a few hours later, there was a GoFundMe page circulating under the moniker “Im alan from mark cubans twitter.” The faker is still only requesting $10, but at the time of this article’s posting it seems no one wants to support the “cause.”

We still don’t know if Mark Cuban gave the real Alan Henry his Fortnite money, but like one of Mark Cuban’s followers suggested, maybe Henry would be better off mowing a few lawns and earning the money himself.

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