St. Mark’s 8th grader Baxter Perry-Miller is going for the “Olympic Medal of Scouting” Conservation Award. This is a rare and prestigious deal, according to Scouting magazine. Since 1975, only 114 scouts have earned the rare Hornaday Silver Medal.

Baxter must complete four conservation projects to be eligible for the Hornaday Silver Medal. He just submitted one to the Trinity River Audubon Center.

“Most people don’t even know the award exists, and the ones who do rarely attempt to complete it,” said 13-year-old Baxter, who is also working on his Eagle Scout Award with Troop 838. “I wanted to be different. I really wanted to earn it, but most importantly, I wanted to bring attention to an area like the Trinity River where so much conservation work still needs to be done.”

Baxter’s idea was to design and construct wooden bins for trash and recyclable products to be placed in picnic areas and wherever litter is left. Baxter’s project also includes an educational display in the Audubon Center.

Check out a video of Baxter here.

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