The most shocking part of the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion, part two, was the way host Andy Cohen went after LeeAnne Locken about her racist comments regarding Kary Brittingham. (LeeAnne is the only Preston Hollow resident left on the show, by the way.)

“Andy is FED. UP! I’ve never seen him so combative or out and out confrontational towards a Real Housewife as he was with LeeAnne last night,” wrote Mary McClelland on Reality Tea.

During the season, LeeAnne called Kary a “chirpy Mexican,” told her she thought she was supposed to be “all Mexican and strong” and sneered when she said she should “speak Mexican” so Kary could better understand her. Brandi (being Brandi) stormed off the reunion set (between swigs from a flask), grabbed a folding chair and placed it across from Andy, indicating that LeeAnne should sit there for the interrogation. (Remember back in the day when everyone loved LeeAnne?)

Here are outtakes between Andy and LeeAnne:

LeeAnne: “I know every bone in my body, and I know I don’t have a single bone that believes in discrimination. I believe in inclusion. I believe in acceptance…. In Texas, I mean, we use that word all the time, like, for everything.”

Andy: “Chirpy Mexican?”

LeeAnne: “No, not that. … OK, I apologize. … I didn’t use my words well.”

Andy: “Well, there were, like, 10 other occasions.”

LeeAnne: “That was a mistake. I agree that was an error.”

Andy: “It was a series of errors.”

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