Fans of the Pioneers of Dallas County Facebook group are enjoying sharing vintage photos of NorthPark and commenting. Take a trip down memory lane and share your memories.

Northpark Center during the spring of 1971. Check out the light fixtures. Photo courtesy of Pioneers of Dallas County.

We called the planters in front of Neiman’s ‘swoopy planters’ and would try to walk up them then swoooop down,” reminisced Kevin McLaren. “I was little when NorthPark opened but still enjoy seeing children do the same things we did 50 years ago. I’m glad some things don’t change…and I still call them ‘swoopy planters.'”

Paul Hamilton said, “My kids would see how far up they could get before sliding down. They also loved to run after nickels I rolled down the mall.”

Northpark Center in 1966. Photo courtesy of Pioneers of Dallas County.

Back when everyone knew how to dress,” commented Beverly Bartlett Crimm. Rhonda Carroll House said, “I noticed how everyone is dressed up and most of the women and girls wearing dresses……Even the mop guy is dressed up!”

Cheryl Potter Weismer shared this memory: “When my son was small, in his stroller, we were in Penney’s looking at earrings. He was playing with the earrings that were at his level in the stroller. We left, heading to Neiman’s. I looked down and he had six pairs of earrings in the tray of his stroller, playing with them. Back to Penney’s to return them. The sales staff were all laughing! Glad they thought it was funny.”

Northpark Center in 1965. Photo courtesy of NorthPark Center and Pioneers of Dallas County.

Laura Mighell Johnson commented, “Amazing how the design has stood the test of time.”

I bought my gold-plated peace sign at a jewelry store right in there somewhere. 1969 or ’70,” remembered Sheila Duffy.

Back then the horse farm was still across the street,” said Rebecca Keller McCarty.