The City Department of Code Compliance may soon cite home and business owners affected by the Oct. 20 tornado for lack of cleanup and repairs, according to a NBCDFW report. The City of Dallas says the grace period is nearing an end, says the story. “The City said the Department of Code Compliance waited until February to begin enforcement activities on properties that were not in compliance with city code, noting that health and safety concerns are ‘becoming more pronounced’ in the past couple of months.”

This is disturbing for neighbors who are still negotiating with their insurance companies and contractors.

In the story, Dallas City Councilman Lee Kleinman of District 11 said the City identified more than 100 properties, mostly homes, that were not up to code. “It’s gotten to the point where some are just not making any movement in any direction, so they’re being sent more-or-less a gentle reminder that they do need to move things along,” said Dallas City Councilman Lee Kleinman of District 11. “I think we’re really starting to identify some properties that almost look abandoned… It seems like there’s enough time given for people to either be in the process of taking care of their property or not.”


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