The Melshire Estate community is doing a fun “social distancing scavenger hunt” for kids. Here’s how it works:

  • Download this PDF sheet.
  • Print it out and put it somewhere it can be seen from the street like your front window.
  • The Melshire Homeowners Association will set a time for kids to walk, ride a bike or drive in the cars throughout the neighborhood to see how many of the signs they can find.

Linda Vallala, president of the Melshire Estates Homeowners Association offers these suggestions to make the hunt more fun:

  • Print it on colored paper.
  • Add some yarn strings to the bottom of the page.
  • Add your own flair: make it sparkle with glitter, print it in reverse colors, put more than one image up and make a shape, like a giant heart.
  • If you have garden gnomes or other fixtures, put the paper in those areas and be creative.
  • Use a colorful ribbon to tie it to a tree.
  • Print a bunch of them and make a large flag in front of your house.

Here’s your deadline: Put the designs in your windows between now and Saturday night. Post pictures of your kids  having fun with the signs to the Melshire HOA Facebook Group here.


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