Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Melinda Gates is The Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year for 2020.

The Ursuline graduate is being honored for, among other philanthropic efforts, her work to fight COVID-19 through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Through the foundation, she personally approved a reallocation of $1.75 billion to the pandemic effort.

“For the vast life-changing and world-changing philanthropy she has funded, championed and overseen in partnership with her husband, Melinda Gates is our 2020 Texan of the Year,” says The Dallas Morning News.

Beyond the relief effort, The Dallas Morning News also notes that through the foundation, she has championed women who face inequality, advocated for family planning through contraceptives to reduce poverty and established funding for women-owned businesses. The exact number of individuals that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has helped is estimated to be around 122 million.

Melinda Gates also stated that her time at Ursuline helped develop her philanthropic roots.

“The nuns at Ursuline really instilled in us this value that one person could make a difference in the life of someone else and we ought to give something back,” she said to The Dallas Morning News. “If we were lucky enough to go to school at Ursuline, we were lucky enough to give something back.”

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