Every 10 years, following the results of the U.S. Census, our District participates in a redistricting process to ensure appropriate representation based on the shifts in population trends. As part of this process, listening to our families is an essential component to ensure that this redistribution corresponds with the reality on the ground. To help community members visualize what the redistricting process will look like and share their input, the District has created an interactive map for Dallas ISD families.

For a tutorial on how to use the map tool, and to get more information about redistricting, visit: dallasisd.org/redistricting.

Additionally, I participated in a virtual community meeting with many of you to gather your feedback on current maps and future plans. It was uplifting to listen to your proposals and to share our common goal of providing a better learning environment for our children. I promise I will keep you updated on this process.

Attendance is key for a successful education

We know that when students are absent from school, they miss important instruction and may fall further behind on their path to completing their grade level or graduating. To help address absenteeism, the District has begun sending letters and school notifications to parents of students who have missed excessive days of instruction with information on how to improve attendance, restore missed instructional time and remain on track with instruction.

Students who attend at least 75 percent but less than 90 percent of the days a class is offered may be given credit or a final grade if they complete a plan approved by the school’s principal to restore missed instructional time. Each District campus has an Attendance for Credit committee that will supervise these opportunities and maintain open communication with students and parents. For more information on this, visit: dallasisd.org/Page/39088.

Recognitions in District One

First, I would like to recognize Ms. Noemi Beltran, art teacher at W.T. White High School, for her efforts to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with her students by sharing the artistic legacy of Latin America. As part of her class, Ms. Beltran not only teaches students about famous Latin American artists but helps them create their own artistic expressions based on what they learn in class.

I would also like to recognize Anne Frank Elementary School for being recognized as one of the District’s Risk Management Department Top 20 Safe Schools. This award recognizes the District’s top schools in prioritizing safety by conducting in-house inspections, safety training and drills, and promoting safety in their day-to-day routine. Keep up the good work.

Dallas ISD holds COVID-19 vaccine clinics at various schools

To help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community, the District is hosting COVID-19 vaccination clinics for staff and students ages 12 and older at several campuses. Because of the current visitor limits at our campuses, clinics will be available to students and staff at that campus, unless the clinic takes place in a parking lot or other outside venue. If you have any questions about the clinics or attend a different school, call the campus ahead for availability. Remember that staff and students who get fully vaccinated before Nov. 15 are eligible for an incentive. Be sure to visit the District’s website to upload your information.

For a full list of currently scheduled COVID-19 vaccination clinics, click: dallasisd.org/covidvaccineclinics.

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Dallas ISD Trustee
Edwin Flores, District 1