Neighborhood resident Stephanie Mueller writes an interesting piece in Sunday’s DMN asking the great question: Why can’t we have more sidewalks in the neighborhood? Stephanie correctly points out that newer suburbs and the Park Cities have plenty of ways to make going to dinner a car-free experience, and she wonders aloud what it would take to make Preston Hollow more like that. Her solution seems to be having the City put some money in the budget to add sidewalks to the neighborhoods, saying it’s a good investment in keeping families in Dallas. The unfortunate reality: It’s not going to happen. The new suburbs require developers — as part of the new-home building process — to build sidewalks with the developers’ money rather than the cities’. And the Park Cities simply had more foresight at the beginning, and has less area to cover, in making its streets pedestrian-friendly. But maybe someway, someone can think of a way to make Stephanie’s wish come true…

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