Better than Phantom!!

A tiny budget may disappoint but does not intimidate W. T. White High School’s choral director Michael Parker. Year after year, all of his choir classes are showcased in the school musical that he and his students write.

The final performance is tonight @ 7 PM PM

This year’s Stay Tuned is a chronicle of American television starring 157 students. The award winning show choir* plus five other choral groups include amazing musical talent. But what distinguishes “Stay Tuned” from previous years is the knee slapping humor injected throughout the program. If the on target portrayal of memorable TV characters doesn’t get you laughing, the injection of exaggerated cultural stereotypes will. The latter from a very diverse student body exemplifies the affection they all have for each other.

Those looking for strategies to keep kids in school should study Parker’s model. Give students the freedom to write, direct, choreograph, wardrobe and design sets themselves. Start in the spring so they’ll hunger to return in the fall. Then look for the unique talent, in every child, and honor them through their performance.

* – “Best in Dallas ISD” two years in a row competing against all high schools including the arts magnet.

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