A regular roundup of stuff that wouldn’t necessarily make it on the blog, but is worth noting:

• Wonder what we’re going to have for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday? Google Trends reports that there is no getting away from that green bean casserole, which is a more popular search term than cornbread dressing or pecan pie.
• Bad bosses can kill you — literally. A Swedish study found a strong link between poor leadership and the risk of serious heart disease and heart attacks among more than 3,000 men, and the risk went up the longer an employee worked for the same company. Workers who said their bosses were the least competent had a 25 percent higher risk of a serious heart problem.

• Fort Worth wants to build a streetcar system, likely serving the Stockyards and the city’s museum and cultural district. The city, which hasn’t had streetcars since the 1930s, created an 18-member panel in July to study the advantages of reviving the system. Said one city official: "You’re creating greater access to existing businesses. This is the kind of development we’re promoting. The streetcar is a catalyst for high-density, mixed-use environments."

• And the economy is slowing the Santa business in Chicago. Santa employment agencies report hiring is down significantly, and one agency called it a disaster. Smaller holiday crowds and the bad economy have kept people from booking more than a single Santa for an event this year, compared to three last year, she said.

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