What is it about New York newspapers and their ability get things all wrong when they write about Dallas? Is it that famous myopia about everything west of the Hudson? Or maybe a new York arrogance that nothing west of the Hudson matters much, so who cares about details?

First there was the New York Post story a couple of months back, during George and Laura Bush’s house hunt, that referred to Preston Hollow as a town "outside Dallas" with "mountain views".

Then in Sunday’s New York Times, there’s a Travel section story that refers to Dallas as an "oil-rich city." Really? (Maybe they’re confusing us with J.R. Ewing’s Dallas, which was, you know, a television show. An OLD television show.

And finally, Maureen Dowd’s column on Sunday takes a swipe at Rep. Pete Sessions, referring to him as R-Waco. Again, really? Not unless the Park Cities, Lakewood and North Dallas have suddenly become Waco suburbs.

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