Could Trader Joe's open in Preston Hollow? That's one of the most-viewed stories on our site.

Another year has passed, so let’s take a look back at some of the Preston Hollow stories that attracted the most readers to our site. And, if you haven’t been following the Advocate blog, here’s what you’ve been missing:

1. W.T. White assistant principal passes away

Terry Durr wasn’t just an assistant principal. He was a mentor who helped countless W.T. White ninth-graders find their way to success.

2. How Spongebob ended up on the Forest Lane mural

This one struck a chord with neighborhood alumni who remember when the W.T. White art club painted the mural in the 1970s. They launched a restoration project, which has been delayed since some Glen Meadows neighbors welcomed the new Spongebob addition. Plus, there’s some confusion over who owns the wall. Updates coming soon.

3. Meso Maya restaurant coming to Preston and Forest

El Fenix owners spawned a new concept in our neighborhood, and it’s pretty darn good.

4. Elevation Burger opens Saturday

Apparently, we love new restaurant additions to Preston Hollow. This burger joint seems to still be going strong.

5. Q&A: ‘Design Star’ Leslie Ezelle

A neighborhood resident and former HGTV  “Design Star” contestant channeled her efforts into a new project last October – breast cancer awareness. Ezelle, a survivor herself, turned heads across the city with her giant metal bra sculpture.

6. Duct tape couple wins Prom King and Queen at Cambridge School

This is no ordinary prom couple. Allie Rogers and David Bayless, seniors at the Cambridge School, created some of the most elaborate and beautifully designed duct tape formal wear we’ve seen.

7. Despite state and local budget cuts, Marsh Middle School library thrives

All too often, Dallas ISD gets a bad rap, but Marsh Middle School (serving primarily poverty-level students) is a shining example of how teachers, parents and the community can make a huge difference.

8. Central Market to move into Preston-Royal Borders space; Trader Joe’s still looking?

The news of Central Market’s arrival was big for Preston Hollow residents and patrons of the shops around Preston and Royal. Could Trader Joe’s be next?

9. Our neighborhood’s animal magnetism

Ah, yes. The annual celebration of our pets. We called for submissions for “best pets”, and ended up with a talking French bulldog, a mischievous kitty, a Southern Belle and something called a Havapoo.

10. Mid-century modern Northaven Park home

This story appeared in our April Home Design issue with the headline “Express Yourself.” These guys do just that with colorful walls (and floors!) along with striking Anime art that they make themselves.

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