This is not an old man cranky rant about how warm it has been lately, though I will note that we were  15 degrees above average through the first three days of the month and  have already had two record highs.

Rather, it’s to note that the people who forecast the weather on television keep telling me how beautiful the weather is and that I should enjoy it. Which I would be doing if this was July. But it’s November, and it’s not supposed to be near 90 in November. It’s supposed to be in the low 70s and getting cooler.

This is the reason we put up with July and August, so that we can open the windows and use the porch and enjoy the weather from the middle of October on. Years ago, this was called State Fair weather. These days, though, it’s not about telling us the whys and wherefores, but another excuse for smiling and pointing at high-tech charts. Which, I suppose, is all TV weather is much good for these days. Even Rebecca Miller seems to think so.

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